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Robert L. Rucinski is one of Greater Boston’s most noticed talents. Whether it is as a music director, conductor, pianist, or teacher, Robert brings elements of passion, sophistication, and quality musicianship to each rehearsal, performance, or class. His ability to provide inspiration onstage and excite audiences makes him a most effective choice as a musical leader. Performers appreciate his youthful exuberance, dedication, and artistic interpretations.

Robert has worked with many musical theater organizations throughout his years as a music director, conductor, rehearsal and audition pianist, and an orchestra member. This has provided him with a thorough understanding of the total theater production. As music director, he knows how to successfully motivate a cast to teach the highest standards. Additionally, this role has given him opportunities to assemble, rehearse, and conduct orchestras for numerous shows.

Robert has significant experience as a conductor and pianist. He has performed in many musical ensembles in the Boston area giving him opportunities to work with a variety of directors. His conducting has been described as intense, passionate, and vibrant. Musicians respect his efficient rehearsal technique, clarity, sensitivity to nuance, and musical vision. As an instrumentalist, Robert Rucinski functions well both as a soloist and in an ensemble demonstrating vitality, flexibility with musical styles, and solid performance technique.

Additionally, Robert has proven himself to be a highly skilled teacher and arts administrator. His collective experiences across many education levels from middle school to college and his organization of several regional music festivals allow him to demonstrate excellence in all areas of artistic production.

A native of New Jersey, Robert L. Rucinski entered the world of professional music upon graduating with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Having played piano since the age of five, his passion and excitement for music has flourished and matured with him over the years.  He continued to study piano while in high school, which led him to win the Garden State Arts Center Talent Expo in 1992 and 1994. Throughout high school and college, he was extensively involved in various musical organizations, including bands, orchestras, and theater groups. After graduation, he began working as a free-lance musician in the Greater Boston Area, working as music director for many local theaters and summer stock companies. Over the past 15 years, he has cultivated an ongoing relationship with North Shore Music Theater, the area's premier regional theater, and has been the music director, assistant music director, and keyboardist for dozens of shows.

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